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"We strive to do the task at hand correct first time, on time"

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ARCCON’s team has worked hard over the past years and is proud of its achievements, particularly when one takes account of the recession that continues to put pressure on small business enterprises. With our dedicated and resourceful team of qualified staff, and a strong administration in support, the company continues to show a steady and gratifying rate of growth where record financial figures are predicted. 


Without doubt, this success can only be attributed to the formidable management team of Arno Badenhorst (CEO) and JC Rabie (Operations Manager) where our motto ‘first time, on time, every time, to the satisfaction of the customer’ is strictly enforced. 

Offering support in the form of administration is Pat Roper (GM), Sanet Van Deventer (Procurement Manager) and Janice Badenhorst (Financial Manager).  


Arccon Management Team


In is quest for zero tolerance in the Health & Safety field, ARCCON is strictly committed to all Occupational Health and Safety legislation in force in this country. Our enviable record of ‘nil’ injuries through the past years has been achieved through a thorough awareness of safety issues, such as the appointment of an ‘on site’ Health and Safety Officer, a comprehensive induction syllabus prior to the inception of each project, daily meetings with staff to assess possible risks and employ preventative measures where necessary, emergency procedures, safe working methods, site rules, protective clothing and equipment enforcement, medical aid box etc. Staff remains fully informed of their obligations and responsibilities through daily ‘toolbox’ talks and only staff qualified for the job at hand are employed for the task. 

Sustained staff training plays an important role in ensuring compliance with Health and Safety requirements and this policy has stood the company in good stead to date with an unblemished record of no reported accidents to date. 


ARCCON is unreservedly committed to Black Economic Empowerment policies and promotes the advancement of companies of colour wherever possible. Furthermore, we are proud to announce that Arccon Maintenance has a 33% BEE equity holding with a 66% woman equity holding.